The Village Experience!

In 2005, we started expanding the Safari Village, a ten acre walk-thru area. Stretch your legs, and stroll along the paved walkways, with habitats the whole family will enjoy! Be sure to catch one of our Animal Close Up Encounters - throughout the day!

Interactive Habitats

Giraffe Feeding Station
A Wheelchair accessible ramp leads to the covered platform, bringing you to eye level with the giraffe! Feed them directly out of your hands!

*Giraffe feed is 50 cents per handful from vending machines at the station. Quarters are available at the Gift Shop.

Tiger Territory
Observe our orange and white Bengal tigers, as they play in their yard, lounge in the shade, or cool off in their swimming pool.

Budgie Adventure Aviary
Feed these colorful birds, as they perch on your hand!

*Buy Budgie Feed Sticks at the Gift Shop or Snack Bar, $1 each.

Kangaroo Walk-About
Visitors walk through the enclosure, watching as Kangaroos hop around or nap in the sun. Look for joeys (babies) in their mother's pouch.

Petting Area

Feed goats & kids, potbellied pigs & piglets, chickens, baby llamas, and other babies.




And Much More!

Additional animals & exhibits found in the Safari Village include:

  • Cheetahs
  • Reptile House
  • Monkeys
  • Giant tortoises
  • Warthogs
  • Flamingos

Animal Interaction is the Focus

Our knowledgeable staff give animal talks and visitors can participate in Animal Encounters with one of our friendly mammals or reptiles.  We also encourage interaction by allowing visitors to feed the animals with our special grain.

Imagine telling family and friends how the giraffe's long tongue licked feed right out of your hand, or how smooth the ball python's skin felt!  This unique animal encounter park appeals to all ages, and has become one of the region's top attractions.

Come see why people keep returning again and again—and bringing their friends!

Learn about our Safari Drive-Thru Here!


  (540) 291 - 3205
  229 Safari Lane
        Natural Bridge, VA 24578

  • "Everything from the safari to feeding the birds and the giraffes was above all expectations! We had a fantastic time! If you are thinking of going, do it!"
     TripAdvisor Review

  • "This was absolutely the best animal experience ever! I fed a giraffe!!!!! The drive through safari portion was so fun! 
    TripAdvisor Review

  • "Worth EVERY penny!" 
    TripAdvisor Review

  • "This is the most fun zoo I have ever been to. I laughed so much my sides hurt. the animals are just great. LOVE IT"
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